If you are a serious gun collector, you may be wondering whether or not your homeowners insurance offers adequate coverage for your guns. What kind of coverage is offered by homeowners? Is the coverage enough to cover your collection in the event of a loss? Does homeowners coverage include liability insurance?

Some gun owners purchase special insurance just for their firearms. What’s the difference between homeowners personal property coverage and a specialized gun policy? Should gun owners purchase a specialized policy just for their guns? Read on for the answers to these and other questions about your guns and your homeowners coverage!


Are Guns Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

A standard homeowners policy typically covers personal property, such as guns, in the event of a physical loss, like burglary or theft. It also provides some legal protection from related lawsuits under the liability insurance section of the policy.

Homeowners insurance often offers firearm liability insurance. Liability coverage is typically offered for non-intentional acts such as accidental discharge while cleaning the gun.

When Does Homeowners Insurance Exclude Weapon Coverage?

While homeowners offers theft coverage, this coverage is often limited to just $2,500, which may not cover the full market value of your gun collection. If you own a lot of guns, or your gun collection has appreciated in value, then you may need to consider a specialized gun insurance policy.

Should Gun Owners Purchase a Special Gun Insurance Policy?

Is gun insurance worth it? A separate, specialized gun insurance policy is worthwhile if your guns are valuable, if you own multiple guns (such as a collection), or if your guns are collectible and have appreciated in value. The typical amount that homeowners covers is $2,500, which may not be enough for a serious collector.

Standard Firearms Insurance Coverage

The standard firearms coverage offered through 1776 includes coverage for theft, accidental breakage, fire, flood, loss in the mail, natural disasters, and transit coverage. There is also optional coverage available for items kept at a public storage facility.

Coverage is offered for the current market value of your collection, which means that if your guns have appreciated in value, you won’t lose money in the event that you have to file a claim.

To learn more about our firearms coverage, be sure to check out our FAQ page.

Gun Liability Insurance

Gun or firearm liability insurance covers gun owners in the event that bodily injury is caused when the gun discharges. If your gun is accidentally discharged while you are cleaning it, gun liability insurance could protect you from any resulting lawsuits or damage that is caused.

The liability insurance offered by a homeowners policy typically offers coverage for accidental discharge only, meaning that there isn’t coverage for when you intentionally discharge your weapon. Please note that 1776 does not offer liability insurance with your gun policy.



Does owning a gun affect your homeowners insurance rates?

Owning a gun should not affect your homeowners insurance rates. Most homeowners policies don’t ask whether or not you own a gun.

One way that the rate could be affected is if gun owners choose to increase their insurance coverage because they own a gun (or multiple guns).

Again, adequate coverage for the full market value of your guns may not be covered by a standard homeowners policy.

Is ammunition covered by homeowners insurance?

As with your guns, your homeowners policy covers your ammunition in the event of a loss as part of your personal property coverage. This is typically up to an amount of $2,500.

How much coverage is provided for firearms in an unendorsed homeowners policy?

Homeowners typically covers your personal property in the event of a loss up to $2,500. For many gun owners, this is not enough coverage, and they opt for a specialized gun insurance policy that provides more comprehensive coverage.

How much does gun insurance cost?

Firearms insurance coverage is actually quite affordable! A policy through 1776 starts at a competitive rate of under $100 a year.