If you are a gun owner who rents their primary residence, you may wonder: does your renters insurance cover your firearms? Often it does, but there are limits to what it can cover. You may find it worthwhile to take out a separate policy just for your firearms, to ensure that they have comprehensive coverage that covers their full market value.

Read on to learn more about the difference renters insurance and a specialized gun policy.


When Does Renters Insurance Cover Firearms?

The personal property coverage from your renters insurance covers your firearms in the event that they is damaged or stolen. Your policy should specify which types of loss are covered, such as fire, theft, or vandalism.

When Does Renters Insurance Exclude Weapon Coverage?

The personal property coverage of your renters insurance often excludes loss or damage that was caused by events such as floods, earthquakes, sinkholes, and more. It also doesn’t provide coverage for your roommate’s possessions – only yours.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you may need more coverage than what renters insurance coverage offers. This coverage may be limited to a certain dollar amount, which may not cover the full value of your collection, especially if you own some high-value items.

Gun Insurance Policy & Renters Insurance Policy

If you are gun collector or own an expensive gun, you will most likely want to take out a separate insurance policy for your firearms. Most insurance companies that offer renters insurance policies don’t provide adequate coverage for collections or collectible items.

The personal property coverage on these policies only offers coverage up to a certain dollar amount, which may not cover the full market value of your collection.A specialized policy written just for your guns could be the solution to this problem!

How to Protect Your Firearms

If you own firearms, it’s important that you keep them safe and do what you can to prevent them from being damaged or stolen. It’s also important for the safety of those in your home that you keep them in a safe location. Read on for tips on how to protect your firearms.

Store your gun properly

To protect your firearms, and protect yourself and others from any accidents, be sure to store your guns properly. The ideal storage solution is inside of a locked safe. Besides offering bodily protection to those living inside of your home, this also affords your firearms protection from being stolen in the event of a break-in.

Take proper care of your firearms

Be sure to clean your firearms and do whatever else is needed to keep them in good working condition. You don’t want there to be any damage caused by lack of proper upkeep!

Get the right coverage for your guns

Remember, your renters insurance may not offer adequate coverage for your firearms. The best solution for your peace of mind is to get a separate, specialized policy for your guns.

Have your firearms appraised or save your receipts

It’s important to know the value of your guns, especially for insurance purposes. Save your receipts when you purchase them. If your guns are collectible items that may have appreciated in value, be sure to have a professional appraise them so you know the current market value.

Unlike renters policies, 1776 offers protection for your gun’s current market value, so you’re covered in the event that your collectibles have gone up in value.


Should I take our a separate policy on my gun?

Is gun insurance worth it? Because your renters insurance may not cover the full value of your collection, it is worthwhile to take out a specialized policy just for your guns, especially if they have appreciated in value and are now worth more than what you paid for them.