Many gun owners don’t know whether or not they have adequate insurance for their firearms. If you own guns, you may wonder what would happen if I lost my guns in a house fire? Or if they were stolen or damaged? Does my homeowners insurance policy cover weapons? Should I take the leap and purchase an insurance policy especially for my guns? Is a separate gun insurance policy really worth having?

Firearms can be a pricey purchase, so it’s crucial to ensure they are adequately protected in the event that you must file a claim. The personal property protection on your homeowners insurance policy may offer some coverage, but it is often limited to a specific dollar amount (usually $2,500). If your firearms are valuable or you have a full collection of firearms (rather than just a single gun), your homeowners insurance policy (or your renter’s policy) may not be providing you with adequate coverage. You may want to consider purchasing a specialized gun insurance policy to ensure that your firearm collection is protected in the case of a loss or damage.

Read on to learn more about gun insurance – what it covers, and what it doesn’t. You’ll also learn a bit about how a gun insurance policy works and the level of coverage you should have to ensure adequate protection for your prized possessions.

Do I need gun insurance?

A standard homeowners insurance policy does cover guns and firearms, and also typically offers some liability coverage in the event that the weapon is accidentally discharged. However, the personal property coverage on a homeowners insurance policy is usually limited to just $2,500, which may not be enough to cover the current market value of your firearms if you are a collector or if your firearms are expensive.

Do you have firearms that are currently valued at over $2,500 combined? Do you own a large firearm collection, including valuable antique and collectors items? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you may want to consider purchasing a separate insurance policy for your guns to ensure that you are adequately covered in the event that you have to file a claim.

What is firearms insurance?

Firearms insurance is a specialized insurance policy that is specifically designed to cover your firearms. The standard firearms coverage offered through 1776 covers theft, accidental breakage, fire, flood, loss in the mail, natural disasters, and transit coverage. There is also optional coverage available for items kept at a public storage facility.

An insurance policy offered through 1776 will cover you for the current market cost of your firearm collection, which means that if your firearms have appreciated, you won’t lose money in the event that you have to file a claim.

The Cost of Firearms Insurance

Firearms insurance coverage is actually quite affordable! A policy offered through 1776 starts at a competitive rate of under $100 a year.

What to Look for in Gun Insurance

If you are looking for insurance for your collection of guns and firearms, you will want to look for an insurance policy that is comprehensive enough to meet your needs. The insurance policy can and should cover theft, accidental breakage, fire, flood, loss in the mail, natural disasters, and transit.

You’ll also want to make sure that the insurance policy is for the actual replacement cost of your firearm collection. When you file a claim, some insurance companies may pay you back the money you originally paid for your firearms. But if they have increased and become more valuable, this increase may not be covered. In the event of a claim, a good insurance policy for collectible firearms will pay you based on what they are worth rather than what you paid for them.

What Level of Gun Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

You should obtain an insurance policy for your firearms that matches the current replacement cost of your firearm collection. It’s a good idea to save your receipts for your guns to help you track how much you paid for them. It’s also a good idea to have your firearms appraised, in case they have appreciated. Saving your receipts and getting an appraisal are great ways to ensure that your guns are covered for their actual replacement cost in the event that you file a claim.

Please note that 1776 does not offer liability coverage with your guns policy.


Can you get insurance for your weapons?

Yes, you can purchase insurance for your weapons and firearms. They are typically afforded limited coverage through your homeowners insurance policy, but you can also take out a specialized gun insurance policy just for your firearms for more comprehensive coverage.

Will guns appreciate over time?

Not all firearms will appreciate in value. It’s important to do your research here and become knowledgeable about which firearms are valuable and what the current trends are. Typically, a collectible or antique firearm will appreciate, and most firearms will at least hold their value.

Are firearms a good store of value?

Yes, firearms are a good store of value. When well cared for, firearms generally tend to hold their value rather than depreciate over time. This makes them an ideal solution for those collectors who view their collection as an investment.

Are guns a good investment right now?

Investing in firearms can be a good idea – if you are educated and know what you are looking for. Most well-maintained guns don’t depreciate, which often points toward them being a sound investment. But keep in mind the mantra, “Buy low, sell high.” If you are investing in guns, you don’t want to purchase them when prices are high. It’s a better idea to buy when the price is low, giving it a much better chance of climbing in value.

If you are buying guns for investment purposes, be sure to take a look at antique and collectible guns, which tend to be more valuable than newer models.

Should I take out an insurance policy on my firearms?

It’s important to make sure that any firearms you own are properly insured so that you are covered in case you need to file a claim. While your homeowners policy usually does offer coverage, this is usually limited to $2,500, which may not cover the full market cost of your firearms, especially if you are a collector.

What does a firearms insurance policy cover?

The standard firearms insurance policy offered through 1776 includes coverage for theft, accidental breakage, fire, flood, loss in the mail, natural disasters, and transit coverage. There is also optional coverage available for items kept at a public storage facility. This insurance policy also covers the current market cost of your collection, so when you file a claim, you are covered if your guns have appreciated over time.