Since its invention by Germany in the 15th century, rifles have had a role to play in human history. They have been used for various applications, including everything from hunting to warfare. They were originally designed for improved accuracy and range, and they have become a popular choice of weapon by firearms users and collectors alike.

In this blog post, we will explore rifles and what makes them unique, as well as the various types of rifles available and how they are different from each other.


Rifles’ History and What Defines Them

Rifles have a unique feature called “rifling” which distinguishes them from other weapons. Rifling is a series of spiral grooves located inside of the barrel. These cause the projectile to spin as it moves through the barrel, instead of just exploding from the weapon like it would from a cannon or musket. This spinning creates a stable flight path and improves the accuracy of the weapon.

Rifles were introduced as far back as the 15th century. At first, the grooves were straight instead of spiraled, but makers eventually discovered that the spirals increased accuracy.


Different Types of Rifles and How They are Used

Rifles are available in five different action types. The “action” refers to how the cartridge is loaded, fired, and ejected from the weapon. Action types of rifles include lever-action rifles, bolt-action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, pump-action rifles, and break-action rifles. Read on to learn more about the different action types that rifles are available in!

Lever-Action Rifles

Lever-action rifles were the original design that is associated with rifles. Using a handle that is located behind the trigger, a cartridge is taken from the tube that runs along the barrel and is loaded into the chamber, where it is then fired. This type of rifle tends to be on the heavier side and is also known for being less accurate. However, they are known for easy handling and quick follow-up shots.

This type of rifle was commonly used in the west toward the end of the Civil War, and is commonly seen in western movies. This type of weapon is used often for close-range hunting as well as home defense.

Bolt-Action Rifles

The bolt-action rifle uses a small metal handle that comes out of the weapon’s right side, behind the chamber. The user can eject the cartridge, load a new round from the magazine, and close the chamber using an upward, backward, or forward movement. The bolt-action is possibly among the most successful cartridge firing guns ever made.

Bolt-action rifles are known to be durable, accurate, and easy to use. They are also light weight. These factors make them the most widely produced type of rifle in the world. One of the most popular models of this type is the Remington Model 700. These weapons are a favorite among target shooters and hunters.

Semi-Automatic Rifles

With a semi-automatic rifle, the user simply moves the action into a firing position once. Once this step is completed, the action will automatically discharge the old round and reload a new one with every trigger pull. This type of rifle can be fired quickly compared to other types.

Semi-automatic rifles are commonly confused with machine guns, but they are not the same. A machine gun fires multiple shots with one pull of the trigger, while a semi-automatic only fires one shot per trigger pull.

Pump-Action Rifles

This type of rifle uses a slide mechanism which is built around the barrel to eject the old cartridge while also loading a new one. The user operates the weapon with their supporting hand rather than their trigger hand, which gives it a higher fire rate and also improves the accuracy.

Break-Action Rifles

Also known as the hinge action rifle, with this style the barrel is hinged and opens up like a door for the loading and unloading of cartridges. The most common break-action rifles are single shot rifles that have exposed hammers. They are often used as youth rifles, survival guns, or hunting rifles.

The majority of the single shot break-action rifle’s operations are manual. They have limited capacity to hold ammunition and they are slow thanks to their manual reloading process. However, they are still found today because they are viewed as good training guns. They are also used by hunters who enjoy the challenge of catching game in just one shot.



What is the most common type of rifle?

Bolt-action rifles are among the most widely produced rifles in the world. They are popular for their durability, their accuracy, and their ease of use.

What are the five main types of rifle actions?

Action types of rifles include lever-action rifles, bolt-action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, pump-action rifles, and break-action rifles. Each action type has its own unique characteristics, which are described earlier in this article.

What is the best rifle ever?

Among the top three best rifles available are the Century Arms RAS47, which was named the Best All Round Budget Rifle by The site also named Marlin 1895 the Best All Around Hunting Rifles and the Daniel Defence M4V11 as the Best Overall Rifle Under $2,000.