For all gun owners, it’s very important to be aware of the proper techniques for gun storage. Improperly stored weapons can be slowly destroyed by gun rust. This is not just about your gun’s appearance. It’s important to protect from rust as it can actually be quite dangerous, causing your firearm to malfunction and affecting its reliability and durability.

Remember: rust prevention is much easier than rust removal. Read on as we explore the cause of rusty firearms, plus some techniques for preventing your gun collection from rusting.

Gun Storage

Understanding Rust and Its Causes

What exactly causes your guns to become rusty? Here are three culprits when it comes to rusty guns:

Corrosive Ammunition

There are some types of ammunition that can leave corrosive deposits in the bore, chamber, or bolt face of your weapon. The primer for the ammunition is where the corrosion comes from. When you fire corrosive ammunition, deposits of potassium chlorate are left in the areas of combustion. They turn into salt and then cause oxidation.

High Humidity

Besides causing corrosion, high humidity can cause wooden gunstocks to warp or crack. Be sure to store your guns away from humidity.

Contact With Water

Water is a common cause of rust. Avoid exposure to rain or mist, and be sure to wipe away any moisture from your gun.

Gun Storage

11 Best Ways to Keep Your Guns From Getting Rusty

If you are a gun owner looking to protect your precious firearms from rust, look no further! Here are 11 great tips that will help you prevent gun rust.

Know the Difference Between Gun Oil and Solvent

Solvent-based cleaners can help to remove carbon and other buildup from your gun, but they don’t do much to protect your firearm. Gun oil actually coats your weapon to protect it from oxygen and moisture.

Use Grease To Protect Your Gun From the Elements

Grease your gun to protect it from the elements! Grease is thick and tends to stay in place. It doesn’t get washed off by rain. The grease helps to create a barrier against corrosion.

Coat a Gun with Wax for Added Protection

You can add a few coats of wax to your gun to prevent corrosion. This is also a great way to help protect wooden gunstocks.

Avoid Shooting Corrosive Ammo

Some types of ammunition have primer that is corrosive. Even though it might save you money to buy the cheapest ammo, it’s a good idea to invest in ammunition that doesn’t have corrosive properties. This could be the best thing for your gun in the long run! Corrosive ammo can cause a lot of damage.

Keep Your Gun Out of Salt Water

If your gun accidentally gets exposed to salt water, be sure to clean it thoroughly, wiping it down with gun oil. Salt water is a big cause of corrosion.

Buy a Gun With a High Tech, Rust-Preventing Coating

You can purchase a gun that has a rust-preventing coating, or you can even have it coated at the gun shop. They can apply Cerakote or Benelli’s B.E.S.T. treatment to your weapon for protection.

Store Your Gun Out of Its Case

The soft material inside of a gun case can actually store a lot of moisture. Gun cases may not be the best choice for long-term storage, as the moisture can damage the gun. Remove your gun from its case and store it in a safe, dry area.

Add a Climate-Control System to Your Gun Safe

Gun safes may not be ideal for protecting your firearms from moisture. Install a climate-control system in your safe to control temperature and humidity and prevent guns from becoming moist.

Try a Dehumidifier, Silica Gel, Cosmoline, or Vacuum Seal Bags

Use a dehumidifier to control the moisture level of your guns. A silica gel dehumidifier is a great choice for your gun safe. You can also try coating your gun is cosmoline, a jelly-like material that prevents guns from rusting. You can also vacuum seal your guns to protect them from moisture.

Clean Your Gun Regularly

For more reasons than one, cleaning your gun regularly is crucial. Not only will it keep it in working order, but it will go a long way to prevent gun rust.

Avoid taking your gun out in bad weather

If you take your gun out in the rain or snow, you are definitely exposing it to potential rust. You can use a waterproof gun case to protect your weapon in adverse weather conditions.

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

It’s important to establish a routine maintenance schedule to keep your firearms in tip-top shape. Be sure to follow all of the proper steps for cleaning your gun. Also, be sure to conduct regular inspections to check for any signs of rust and corrosion so that you can address them immediately.

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What keeps guns from rusting?

Proper storage, care, and cleaning goes a long way to preventing rust. Be sure to learn the best way to care for your guns that will prevent rust.

Will guns rust in storage?

Yes, your guns can rust in storage, especially if they are stored in humidity. Control the humidity levels in your storage area to protect your weapons from rusting.

What is the best rust protection for a gun safe?

Setting up a dehumidifier in your gun safe is a great way to protect your guns from moisture levels that can cause them to rust.